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Pilates Instructor Headshots

Updated: May 10, 2021

Today I had the pleasure of capturing some new personal branding images for LB Physio Pilates. Lorna wanted some fresh headshots and some action shots of her showing off her pilates moves! Before the shoot we decided to bring along a few props and Lorna chose an outfit which was colourful and vibrant and matched the colours of her equipment.

We headed to the park close to where she lives to take advantage of the different spring scenery. We started with some shots in front of some flowering bushes. I chose to use my 55mm lens to give some separation from the background and some nice bokeh. We then headed to a few different locations in the park to create some variety to the images. We finished with some shots by a lovely green wall which gave some nice contrast against Lorna's purple clothes.

Lorna said about the shoot 'I had a fun afternoon with Anna in the park having photos taken. It was a really relaxed time and we laughed a lot talking about funny names of pilates exercises. Anna got some great shots, I particularly love the action ones but I'm really happy with them all.'

Thanks so much for a wonderful shoot, Lorna.

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