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Leeds Outdoor Therapist Headshots

Updated: May 10, 2021

I was asked by a local therapist, Nicola Hughes, to produce some headshots and branding images for her new website. Nicola had not had any photos taken for several years and wanted her new images to look different to the studio shots she had had in the past. Nicola’s business has had to change through lockdown and she is now offering her counselling and therapy services outdoors. Her shoot was planned for the location she uses for her sessions in Pudsey, Leeds. I had an initial consultation with Nicola where we discussed what images she needed for her website and marketing.

Nicola and I met on a very sunny (who would have thought it?) afternoon a few weeks ago and had a great time capturing these for her. It's wonderful to see that Nicola has now started to use these images on her website and I'm so excited to see her new career direction take off.

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